Hi-Tech Care

Our Technology

Heart of Texas Home Healthcare services is committed to using technology to improve the service and treatment of our patients. We are dedicated to searching out new technologies to make healing better for our patients. We equip our agency with the tools necessary to get important information back to the doctors and staff in a timely manner assuring the absolute best in patient care. Our agency uses one of the most well known names in the United States “Honeywell” for our provider of Telemonitoring and Medication Reminders. This provides premier care to our patients and minimizes interruptions of their schedules and activities.

Some highlights of our technology include:

POC This is a Point-of-care computer that allows field staff to enter patient data into our medical records system as quickly as possible. This allows us to get the information to the people that need it in a quick and effective manner.

Honeywell HomMed Telemonitors Genesis is Honeywell HomMed’s newest, streamlined monitor that measures heart rate, blood pressure, weight and asks subjective disease-related questions to provide a more complete picture of the individual’s health. It automatically prompts in-home users when it’s time to take their vital signs through voice or text communication, and it can accommodate multiple medical peripherals such as a glucose meter or PT/INR device. The Genesis telemonitor allows clinicians to focus on a particular disease state; it’s extremely compact (weighing less than two pounds); it comes with a scale, blood pressure cuff, and oxygen sensor, and data is transmitted via phone line. Genesis is a fast, cost-efficient solution for meeting the individual needs of patients and their caregivers and is a
FDA Class II hospital grade medical device.

Honeywell HomMed MedPartner The National Council on Patient Information and Education estimates that half of all medications are taken incorrectly each year and that mistakes account for 10 percent of all hospitalizations and 25 percent of all nursing home admissions. The MedPartner Medication Reminder provides a solution to this growing and costly problem. It automatically alerts patients when it’s time to take their medications. Voice prompts and green blinking LED lights help patients select the right medication and the proper dosage, while voice prompts and red blinking LED lights warn patients when the wrong medication is selected. A record is generated with each selection, and reports can besent to the home healthcare agency monitoring the patient. MedPartner is AC powered and hasbattery backup in case of power loss.

Medical Practice Management Software We use a professional practice management program and database solution that provides us with quick access to the information we need to provide the outstanding levels of service our patients and doctors have grown to love. We have thought out the processes and are able to retrieve information quicker and easier due to the ability to database information in electronic format, minimizing the space and time restraints of paper charting.

Altigen phone system This is the latest in telecommunication technologies and allows us to efficiently communicate with our staff, patients, and their doctors. The system allows us to handle a larger quantity of calls and keeps our costs down. We are able to integrate remote connectivity seamlessly between our offices.

Onsite IT Heart of Texas, unlike most other agencies, has In-House Technology Support. This allows Heart of Texas to develop and maintain state of the art technology, developed with the patient in mind.